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  • Remote users can access the company system using any browser, making the system available to you anywhere and at anytime
  • No investment towards Time and Cost in the maintenance of the server & other hardware
  • Start using the system from day one (avoid the worry towards implementation time)
  • Optimized performance & Support

Neo’s point-of-sale (POS) module delivers an easy to use interface that can be quickly deployed to a single store location or hundreds of stores and retail outlets.

Our robust POS module offers tools to easily configure the solution to meet your sales requirements including common POS software functionality such as multi-level pricing structures, promotional management, and flexible payment options.


  • Accounting: Advanced tools for financial planning, asset management, cash
    management, and cash flow analysis increase financial data accuracy and strengthen
    organizational budgeting and
    forecasting capabilities.
  • Inventory: Manage and report inventory information, Online status of item quantity, Multiple levels of classification of items, Stock transfer, Multiple units of measurement
  • Sales: Real-time access to customer, product, and performance information
  • Retail: An efficient electronic system for point-of-sale management, multi-pricing levels, etc., enables flawless management of all retail functions.

Besides being more cost effective, easier to install and maintain, Neo offers easier access across geographical boundaries without needing additional investment for connectivity.


Neo’s Inventory Management helps you keep track of the various items you purchase, and sell. In addition, you can keep up-to-date information about various locations where you store or process your inventory. Plus, the Inventory Management module offers an extensive array of reports, enabling you to easily analyze and control your inventory. All balances are updated in real time for up-to-the-minute, on-screen access.
Key Features:

  • Easy-to-operate Inventory Add/Edit Feature
  • Multiple Unit of Measures
  • Alternate items
  • Add Images to items
  • Custom fields for extra information
  • Ability to maintain up to 20 different Price Lists
    • Create as many price lists as you would like
    • Mass update Price Lists by brand, department or categories
  • Price lists can be associated with time periods, customer groups, or product groups, and can be turned on and off for easy re-use in the future
  • Discount from Retail or Markup from Cost
  • Easily update inventory pricing by percentage or dollar amount across all categories or brands
  • Maintains supplier information
  • Stock taking features
  • Support for multiple branches – Manage multiple warehouses with location specific quantities, allocations, and costs. Specific access rights for each warehouse to determine who can access information and enter transactions.
  • Transfer items between branches and automatically update quantity on hand
  • Synchronizes inventory levels across all sales channel, in real time
  • Changes in the stock file, pricing, or promotions for example, need only be entered or changed once to be available across your whole business
  • Reports using product types, categories, brands and more
  • Inventory summary report with in-stock and on-hand allocations


The Sales Order Management module is a complete order entry system that enables multiple users in your organization to enter and fulfill sales orders. It keeps track of the goods and services that you sell to your customers, which helps to keep on top of your inventory needs and pending obligations for any given period. The program also provides a variety of reports, so that you can easily review your customer and sales order information.

Customize your entire sales function, including discounts, credit, taxes and more.

Key Features
  • Assign payment term discounts and credit limits for each customer
  • Modifiable Invoice, Quote and Sales Order
  • Invoice generation with advance adjustments
  • Flexible Pricing Model/Prices Schedule
  • Discounts/Promotions Management
  • Support for GST Taxes
  • Check customer credit limits during Sales Order Entry


The Point of Sale module supports all standard functions required from a POS system including price changing, discounting, quantity charging, and items lookup. Other powerful features include cashier logins and functionalities based on login.

The goals of the P.O.S. functionality are two-fold – to take the place of a cash register and to provide inventory tracking functions.

The POS module adds convenience and reduces errors even if only a dozen or so items are sold on a regular basis.

Key Features
  • When a transaction is completed – the POS module automatically and in real-time:
    • Records the Transaction
    • Adjusts the Inventory Balance
    • Records Information to the Customer Account
    • Records Information to the A/R System (Add-On)
  • Speed up the process of managing transactions, while improving accuracy. Manage customers in the way that best suits you.
  • Handle all transactions from one terminal, whether for wholesale or retail customer.
  • Accept a wide variety of payment methods including cash, cheque, on account, or part payments
  • Promotions and customer specific information are shared across all your branches
Cash Sales

The Cash Sale option is designed to let users sell an item and receive payment in two quick steps; once the sale is completed, the system returns to a new, blank invoice ready for the next customer.

Customer Info

Whenever necessary, it is easy to add new customers when creating an invoice. Also, users can edit an existing customer if it’s necessary to update the address or phone number, etc. In addition, the POS Module allows users to search for a customer using the customer search screen as used in all other areas of the program.


The System Manageris the control center for your entire system. With System Manager, you can add or change information about the individual users that comprise your working environment.

From flexible security to powerful workflow and customization, Neo’s System Manager provides administrators with a wealth of tools for setting up security parameters, accessing the data dictionary for customization purposes, and maintaining system data files.

With System Manager you can configure workstation settings, set new users, and establish user security and more.

  • Password maintenance lets you control user access
  • Enables you to change key values, such as inventory item, BOM details, pricing structure, costs throughout the systems
Security Overview

Password security is another important feature of the software. Each user is issued a password, and all matters of the system can be controlled by the security level. Access privileges can be controlled for each function allowing even the least trained staff access to the information they need to do their job while denying them access to confidential or critical information.

For example, users can be set-up to allow them to perform front-end functions, such as invoicing, and inventory inquiries, but they can be kept out of the reports and payables. Users can be authorized to view, but not edit information. Similar password set-up screens are available for payables and inventory control.


Neo’s Purchase Order module is a complete purchase order processing system to help you keep track of goods and services that you order. It provides a variety of up-to-the-minute status reports, so you can quickly check information about your vendors, inventory items, outstanding orders, and related business transactions.

Key Features
  • The Purchase Order Management (PO) module streamlines your procurement processes to ensure a steady supply of materials while enforcing policy and process controls.
  • Track when purchase orders are received.
  • Include shipping, receiving, insurance, and duties in the total cost of your purchase items.
  • Print or email purchase orders.
  • Receive partial orders or consolidated orders.


Neo’s Accounts Payable module is a complete computerized accounts payable system. It turns your old paper-and-pencil records—everything from individual payables entries to your check register and accounts payable reports—into a fast, flexible, and comprehensive accounting system.

The Accounts Payable module is used to track vendor invoices, automate payment processing, track vendor balances, manage available discounts, and deliver vendor reports.

Key Features
  • Vendor Payment Processing
    • Avoid overpaying vendors with a new process flow in AP—open debit adjustments are automatically available to be selected during payment processing.
  • Fewer Errors
    • Reduce errors by setting default accounts, subaccounts, payment terms, and discounts by vendor.
  • Order Locally and internationally
      • Reduce errors by setting default accounts, subaccounts, payment terms, and discounts by vendor.


The Accounts Receivable module is a complete billing and open-item accounts receivable system that automatically keeps track of your customer balances.

Accounts Receivable prints invoices, credit memos, and statements, as well as a wide variety of reports that put you in complete control of your company’s lifeblood: the incoming cash flow.

Key Features
  • Recurring billing – Bill any type of contract with recurring monthly fees, setup fees, renewal fees, consumption based fees, overage charges, and minimum charge amounts.
  • Credit Card Processing – Integrated credit card processing automates billing processes and allows you to manually enter charges, void transactions, and issue refunds
  • View AR balance, browse and download AR documents and statement history, etc.
  • Limit your exposure to uncollectible debts using credit limits. When entering invoices, you can elect to block invoice processing or issue a warning for customers which are past due.


Neo’s General Ledger module is the key to your accounting system. It provides a comprehensive means for maintaining your business financial records, and produces strategic financial statements and reports.

General Ledger’s wide variety of budgeting and reporting features give you the power and flexibility necessary to control your company’s financial activities.

Key Features
    • Control which users and roles can view and create transactions for specific GL accounts and subaccounts.
    • Enter GL transactions in different currencies by activating multiple currency support. The system maintains balances in the base currency and the foreign currency based on translation rules you establish.