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Pension Plan

Management System

About Pension Plan Management System

eData’s pension plan management is a flexible system that can be easily installed and implemented to meet the requirements of your company’s pension scheme.

Our software automates many pension administration tasks, and offers the following features:

  • Calculates termination, retirement, death, disability and accrued benefits
  • Generates forms and letters
  • Member Tracking
  • Contributions Tracking
  • Custom Pension Calculation
  • Retroactive Adjustments
  • Beneficiary Management
  • Management of active and inactive participant data
  • Allow employee loans and track loans and payments
  • Payment Processing
  • Create and print cheques
  • Statement Generation
  • Share Interest Earned and Allocated Funds on pro-ratio basis
  • Standard and custom reports
  • Data management and storage
  • Different Access Levels for users of the Database
  • Secure access
  • Encrypted database for maximum data security

Our pension plan management system was developed on the WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform. WAMP is a solid and stable high-performance PHP platform for Windows systems.

Our pension system is offered on the following platforms:


In the web version of our software, all components of the software are housed on a secure web server. This includes the user interface, programs and encrypted database. The administrator of the system can log onto the pension system via the internet using a secure URL. The system is completely maintained by us and the company can access it through the internet from any location.

eData offers flexible and affordable licensing arrangements for our pension plan management system. For more information or for a demonstration, please call us at + (501) 223-1805 or e-mail us at info@edata.bz.


This version of the system can be installed on the company’s intranet. It is ideal for a company with a security policy that requires sensitive data to be stored on the company’s server.