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Software Development

eData develops computer software, internet software and intranet software applications for businesses that need to streamline daily business operations. Our solutions help minimize redundancy when dealing with accounting, inventory, management, and other daily processes. Our software development cycle includes:

  • Discovery Phase
  • Planning Phase
  • Design & Development Phase
  • Acceptance Phase
  • Deployment Phase

Software development process

Customized Software Development

Is packaged software not adequately addressing your business needs?  eData specializes in custom software application development services. 

Every business is unique. In some cases this may mean that no one standardized software package can handle all requirements right out of the box. For this reason, we have a team of database development professionals who work with clients to build customized software solutions.

Our process and methodology reduces cost and delivers high quality applications. We are not tied to any particular architecture or technology in developing applications. We use the architecture that best suits our clients' requirements, only after making a detail evaluation of all the options. We do the evaluation based on attributes such as licensing fees, development time, portability and interoperability.

eData constantly evaluates the latest tools, methodology and techniques of application development available in the market and we provide the best of security, reliability, performance and scalability to create a competitive edge.

eData has been building custom database software for a wide variety of clients since 2000.

eData’s custom database software:

Business Management Software

eData's Neo Business Management Software helps enterprise companies sell more successfully, receive accurate reporting and analytics, access instant collaboration, increase productivity and more. Editions include: Retail/Wholesale Edition, Customs Brokerage Edition and Courier Edition.

Call Accounting Software

eData's TeleBilling offers telephone expense control, call tracking and activity reporting.

Company Formation Management Software

eData's Offshore Registry Pro is a software system specifically designed for the company formation and incorporation business.

Pension Plan Management Software

eData's pension plan management is a flexible system that can be easily installed and implemented to meet the requirements of your company's pension scheme.

Application Migration

Our application migration services helps in migrating legacy applications to modern platforms.

Application Outsourcing

Application outsourcing services provides complete application maintenance and application support services that improves business continuity and increases business efficiency.  We provide outsourcing services that helps you to focus on your core business.

eData can help you identify technical options to improve business processes as well as design, create, and implement a solution. Our experienced team will find the simplest, most effective programming or application path without sacrificing performance.