Digital Directories

Contactless Directories to Replace Traditional Paper-Based Directory

Provide all the information  needed to your customers visually. By having them seamlessly scan a QR Code with a smartphone, individuals can effortlessly navigate directories. In an era where hygiene and safety are paramount, our solution enables users to access information without physical contact. This approach not only maximizes convenience, but also prioritizes the health and safety of users, making it an invaluable addition to any contemporary setting.

4 Easy Steps for Your Customers


Open Phone Camera


Place QR Code Within Frame


Click The Pop-Up Link


Browse Through The Directory

A Contactless Solution Perfect For Hotels, Restaurants & More

  • Let individuals scan the information to their personal mobile
  • No need to constantly replace damage directories
  • Doesn't require user to download another app
  • Easily updated without having to print new physical directories

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