Our Vision

Our goal is to deliver premium software development and quality I.T. services and infrastructure while giving unmatched value to businesses at an affordable cost.

About The Company

eData is a full service technology-consulting company offering professional IT solutions to clients in all industries. We carefully evaluate your needs, goals, and budget and work closely with you to develop a customized solution that incorporates the most appropriate and cost-effective projects and resources. Our client-centered approach provides you with personalized attention and immediate support for all of your IT needs.

We have been consistently implementing secure networks that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of IT services and the business users who rely on them – without sacrificing performance.

We work hard to establish and uphold trustworthy relationships with all our clients and we recognize the fact that our clients expect to be dealt with professionally, responsibly and constructively.

Some Technologies We use

We excel in delivering


Custom Software Development

eData develops computer software, internet software and intranet software applications for businesses that need to streamline daily business operations.

eCommerce Platforms

Our online shopping system gives you the perfect platform to sell your products or services on the Internet.

Network Security

It’s not how much network security you can afford; it’s how much network insecurity could cost you.

Bandwidth Management Service

Companies today are faced with an increasing demand for cost-effective bandwidth and reliable Internet connectivity for day-to-day operations.

Website Development

Our combination of web designers and software programmers bring a unique balanced approach to the production of our website solutions.

Network Design and Implementation

Our network design and implementation services are used to plan, design, build, and integrate a network infrastructure .

Voice Solutions

We provide design, configuration and support for IP voice networks including Voice application of PBXs, call centers, voice messaging, call management and billing solutions.

Local and Wide Area Networks

For most companies, computers and technology represent a major investment. However, most small business owners make the mistake of turning over this critical element of their business to some computer guy that is willing to work cheap.

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