Our Products

eData Ltd Presents an Extensive Array of Innovative Business Solutions

Over the years, eData Ltd. has developed a number of products to offer that are easily available to businesses of all sizes. Their comprehensive software suite includes cutting-edge data analytics tools, cloud-based storage solutions, and secure communication platforms. These products are designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and bolster data security, making eData Ltd. a trusted partner for modern businesses.


NeoPeople is an all-in-one HR & Payroll software that streamlines onboarding, consolidates employee records and reduces administrative busy work.


Provides a modern and safe way for users to access essential information without physical contact, enhancing convenience and hygiene.


A solution built for the entire retail process. Key features like Inventory Management, Point of Sales, Report Center, and much more.

NeoCustoms Brokerage

All-in-one customizable solution. Integrates seamlessly with the ASYCUDA customs management system


Information system that is a web-based solution for all city and town councils in Belize.

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