IT Consultancy

We’ll Immerse Ourselves in Your World to Fully Grasp the Challenges You Face

We have a proven track record of providing quality IT services to businesses in both the Public and Private sector covering areas such as website development, software development and network installations. We offer a complete portfolio of consultancy, project management and implementation services.

Many companies purchase IT services and products on an ad-hoc basis (i.e., “we need a new laptop, lets buy one…”). However, when you start to get into more technical decisions about more complex networking requirements or software purchases, this approach is not productive. Ad hoc investments can result in wasting money on inappropriate goods and services, and time and aggravation to rectify poor decisions. At InterNetworks, we take a longer term approach to technology and work hard to ensure that hardware and software recommendations will satisfy the company’s IT strategy for the foreseeable future.


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