Consulting and development of software for digital success!

The creation of dependable and scalable software solutions for any operating system, browser, or device. We combine deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to create personalized solutions and products that exactly meet the demands and behaviors of its consumers.

Is packaged software not adequately addressing your business needs? eData specializes in custom software application development services. Every business is unique. In some cases this may mean that no one standardized software package can handle all requirements right out of the box. For this reason, we have a team of database development professionals who work with clients to build customized software solutions.

Our process and methodology reduces cost and delivers high quality applications. We are not tied to any particular architecture or technology in developing applications. We use the architecture that best suits our clients’ requirements, only after making a detail evaluation of all the options. We do the evaluation based on attributes such as licensing fees, development time, portability and interoperability.

eData constantly evaluates the latest tools, methodology and techniques of application development available in the market and we provide the best of security, reliability, performance and scalability to create a competitive edge.

eData has been building custom database software for a wide variety of clients since 2000.

Our Development and implementation Process


Our development team conducts a comprehensive review of your IT processes and software architecture to identify any roadblocks to the successful implementation of your software plan.


We give potential solutions to your IT problems, including team size, budget, and timetable, all of which are discussed before the solution is implemented.

Design & Development

After agreeing on the ideas and plans, the next stage is Development. We will conduct as scheduled and give comments on the results & adaptations.


The implementation of a system is an ever-increasingly difficult task. We give assistance till your software release runs smoothly, establishing a support duration before we begin.

Pre-built Software Solutions

Human Resources Management Software

Neo People is an all-in-one HR software that streamlines onboarding, consolidates employee records and reduces administrative busy work. We’re getting you out of the maze of spreadsheets and back in front of your team.

Business Management Software

Neo integrates your entire financial and operational processes. All transactions – financial, logistics, inventory, sales – are contained in a single, central data source.

We also offer

Our application migration services helps in migrating legacy applications to modern platforms.

Application outsourcing services provides complete application maintenance and application support services that improves business continuity and increases business efficiency. We provide outsourcing services that helps you to focus on your core business. eData can help you identify technical options to improve business processes as well as design, create, and implement a solution. Our experienced team will find the simplest, most effective programming or application path without sacrificing performance.

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